Dale Comstock

Owner, CEO

Dr. Dale A. Comstock, N.D., M.A., President,
"The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason."

Dr. Dale Comstock served 10 years in 1st SFOD-D (The Delta Force) as an assaulter, explosives, mechanical, ballistic,and manual breacher, Team Leader, 3rd Special Forces Group (Green Berets) as a light and heavy weapons expert -Team Sergeant, and in the 82nd Airborne Division 325th Infantry. He also worked 9.5 years as a paramilitary operative for USG and concurrently worked as a contract security specialist, COO, Vice President, and President for various security companies applying his skills and knowledge on a myriad of security challenges around the world.

He has given 30 years of service to the United States combating U.S. enemies abroad. He served in every campaign from Grenada to the present conflicts that the United States is involved in as a frontline combatant directly engaging the enemy, either as a Paratrooper, Green Beret, Delta Force Operator, or Paramilitary contractor. He has been decorated twice for Valor in combat and is also the famed breacher that explosively breached the Modelo Prison in Panama during the 1989 U.S. invasion and rescue of Kurt Muse. You can read more about his life and combat experience in his book American Badass.

Dale has 6th degree Black Belts in American Open Karate and Extension Fighting, with a 1st degree Black Belt in Ju Jitsu. He is a former professional boxer, kickboxer, and MMA fighter, who authored the 3rd Special Forces Group combatives manual in 1997, instructed the Delta Force combatives program and the 3rd Special Forces Group combatives program. He is a competitive Bodybuilder and actively trains and competes alongside his son. In the world of self-defense Dale has globally managed bodyguard details for high net worth businessman, celebrities, and Politicians.

In addition to martial arts training and knowhow, Dale has a Doctorate in Naturopathy (Natural Health and Alternative Medicine), a Masters Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management, with a Baccalaureates degree in Education. He is fluent in German, with a working knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese.

He is a certified Locksmith, Special Security and Anti-Terrorist Driving Instructor, Evasive and Defensive Off-road Driving, Professional K-9 trainer and handler, Combat Tracker, U.S. Army Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE), DOD High Risk level-2 Resistance to Interrogation trained, Delta Force firearms and Close Quarter Battle instructor, FBI Firearms instructor, Mid-South Institute firearms instructor, NRA firearms instructor, NSA Operational Security Manager, Waterborne Insertion Expert, and Advanced Urban Warfare/ Unassisted Asset Recovery trained.

In September 2011 Dale was featured on Discovery Channel’s “One Man Army,” and in September 2012 he was featured on NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes” alongside Terry Crews. Since that time Dale has participated in numerous Hollywood productions and has authored his book “American Badass,” which is his life story from childhood to present day that talks about his journey through virtually every ground campaign from Grenada to Afghanistan as a Delta Operator, Infantryman, and Paramilitary Operative.

AWARDS/HONORS: Bronze Star with “V” device (For Valor), Joint Service Commendation Medal with “V” device (For Valor), Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), Army Commendation Medal (3 awards), Joint Service Achievement Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal w/ Spearhead device (3 awards), Southwest Asia Service Medal with Bronze Service Star (2 awards), Kuwait Liberation Medal, Saudi Arabian-Kuwait Liberation Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Expert Infantry Badge, Master Parachute Badge, Special Forces Tab.

COMBAT TOURS: Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury), Panama (Operation Just Cause), Iraq (Operations Desert Shield/Storm), Somalia (Operation Restore Hope), Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom), and Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom)

  • U.S. Army Delta Force Operator; Green Beret; USG Paramilitary Contractor
  • Security Consultant/Advisor
  • CEO Risk Control Institute, Inc.; Comstock Enterprises, Inc.; Global Security Consultants, Inc.
  • COO Direct Action Resource Center, LLC - Little Rock Arkansas: Provided oversight of training and operations
  • Vice President - Intrepid Global Security, LLC: Critical Infrastructure Protection Division
  • Detail leader - Managed protective detail for client worth $11 Billion in Hong Kong
  • Professor - Henley-Putnam University: Curriculum - Anti-terrorism studies: Area Study Analysis
  • Technical Surveillance Psychology of Violence, and Special Weapons
  • Instructor - Strategic and Tactical Security Operations; Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
  • Developed maritime security operations for Shell Oil Company
  • Developed security strategies for over 42 U.S. nuclear and petrochemical facilities
  • Represented and advocated for Nuclear energy clients during NRC audits
  • Conducted Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) for various high-risk government and private sector facilities
  • Augmented the USSS protective detail for President George H. Bush (second ring)
  • Provided all levels of training for dignitary protection to Tier-One Operators conducting protection details in the most non-permissive countries in the world
  • Emergency Management & Continuity of Operations
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection/Key Resource - Design Basis Threat Identification
  • Command Center/Fusion Center - Operational Analysis
  • EOC Operations and Management, Strategic Response Planning, Training and Readiness Exercising, & Strategic Risk Management
  • Incident Command and Long Term Response Management
  • Project Management
  • Presidential, Dignitary, and VIP Protection Operations Manager and Master Trainer
  • NSA Operational Security Manager

Sari Comstock




Cyber Projects Lead/OSINT/Recon Specialist, Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Management. 

With close to nineteen years of experience in Law Enforcement/Policing, Private and Coporate Security Field and Cyber Security and consulting. D.Darkov brings a diverse skill-set to any client engegement. 

D.Darkov holds numours board certifications within the Cyber investigations field.

He is the author of a published Intelligence Analysis Paper: Mexican Drug Cartels and their Connections with Chinese Suppliers. 

D.Darkov holds two College diploma's in Law Enforcement studies. One from Centennial College, Ontario. CA; and one from the  Ontario Police College Ontario, CA. 

D.Darkov is continuing in university studies at the SANS Institute, Maryland, United States. 

D. Darkov has experiance conducting Criminal Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Security Operations, Executive Protection,  Corporate Investigations and Intelligence,  Physical and Cyber Threat Assesments/Intelligence Investigations, Website and Network Security Testing, Attack surface Identification and management, Penatration testing.