1. Open Source Intelligence Research:
  • Offering training on research techniques and methodologies for conducting effective OSINT using a range of open source intelligence tools and resources.
  • Sharing strategies for comprehensive data collection, analysis, and report generation.
2. Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)
  • Providing guidance on understanding and utilizing Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) in OSINT operations, including strategies for monitoring social media platforms, identifying trends, and extracting valuable information.
3. Intelligence Collection Disciplines:
  • Offering guidance on different intelligence collection disciplines, such as human intelligence (HUMINT), (SOCMINT), (IMINT), and their application in gathering information.
  • Intelligence Collection, Intelligence Cycle, OPSEC Training, Classification, Digital Situational Awarness.
4. Critical Thinking:
  • Conducting training sessions to enhance critical thinking skills specifically for OSINT analysis, including evaluating sources, detecting biases, and making informed decisions based on collected information.
5. Social Media Investigations:
  • Conducting thorough investigations on social media platforms to gather relevant information, identify individuals, and uncover insights.
  • Providing comprehensive reports and analysis based on findings from social media investigations.
6. Advanced Social Media Investigations:
  • Utilizing advanced techniques and tools to delve deeper into social media data and uncover hidden connections and patterns.
  • Assisting in complex investigations involving social media platforms, such as tracking online activities and behaviors.

Enhancing Online Security with Cyber Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Defense Solutions.

With the growing intergration of technology and connectivity we live in a unique digital landscape. Individuals and businesses often encounter unknown online challenges. Unseen data exposure can create vulnerabilities; and recognizing and minimizing your digital footprint can feel overwhelming after such a long time.

Strategic Outcomes Enterprises offers our Cyber Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Defense Solutions (CTIASDS) assesments give you true situational awarness and helps you to reduce external data exposure effectively. For Executive and high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, Corporate and Personal digital attack vectors poses significant concerns.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions for (Corporate/Individual and Family) not only cover these areas comprehensively but also provide a unique solutions to help with your digtal presense. These solutions have  become increasingly essential for preventing and detecting threaths in the future. Our extensive years of experience and technical tools, enables us to manage the stress associated with managing your digital footprint for you.

Our comprehensive analysis encompasses your organization and its entire online presence, from infrastructure to social media and discussions related to your business across the internet. Identifying potential areas of concern proactively, we help by Identifying and addressing them before they escalate into serious problems with life implications.

In the event of such incidents, we work closely with the affected individuals, assisting them in minimizing potential damage and guiding them toward establishing a more secure digital presence.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions for Business. 

At Strategic Outcomes Enterprises, our approach to Cyber landscape and Intelligence sets us apart from most security companies in the market today. 

While internal monitoring is crucial and a critical function of any cybersecurity team, it can only provide limited insights. It is the external threat landscape that determines when and how your organization may become a target for cybercriminals.

To address this, our tailored and customized service offers continuous monitoring of your Internet-facing infrastructure from an external perspective. You can think of this as a type of pentest assesment.

By analyzing your organization from the outside looking in, we can identify potentially vulnerable access points or expired SSL certificates along with assessing other web vulnerabilities that may pose a risk.

Your business is monitored for mentions of your business online, tracking sentiment and potential threats.Our Cyber Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Defense Solutions for Business also includes our Individual and Family Service.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions for Individules and Families.

Strategic Outcomes Enterprises offers a specialized service called Cyber Intelligence and Attack Surface Defense Solutions for Individuals and families. This is aimed at empowering individuals to understand, and improve their digital
footprint, minimize potential online exposure, and enhance their overall security.

Using advanced techniques, we conduct comprehensive research on your online presence, combining both manual investigation and automated tools. This enables us to provide you with a personalized report and debrief session, tailored specifically to your circumstances.

The benefits of our Cyber Threat Intelligence and Attack Surface Defense Solutions  for Individuals services include:

Holistic Understanding: Gain a comprehensive overview of your digital footprint and potential risks associated with exposed personal information.

Risk Mitigation: Identify and mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities, minimizing the likelihood of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Enhanced Security: Receive expert guidance and recommendations to improve your overall security posture, ensuring a more resilient and protected online presence.

Privacy Protection: We prioritize your privacy, ensuring that reports and debrief sessions are exclusively provided to the individual that has contracted with us, maintaining strict confidentiality.

By leveraging our expertise and comprehensive approach, you can take proactive steps to protect yourself, your family, and your corporate information in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.